Peñafort School wanted to build a vegetable garden in our school, with the enthusiasm of the teachers and the cooperation of all the students, and we have reached our aims !!! we have a little vegetable garden where we plant, water and collect fruits and vegetables, discovering the secrets of natural world.


The days that we will work on the vegetable garden, the children will do activities, worksheets and conversations about this topic. Peñafort School will provide the children garden gloves, an apron, a bag with seeds, a shovel, a rake and a watering can. The project will be coordinated with the teachers and the gardener. Thank you very much to Peñafort educational Community!


The garden project promotes health and nutrition among children, families and staff and has been successful in promoting children involvement. In this sense, garden-based curriculum is being used to support the important nature-school connection in developing healthy eating habits.


As well as, our pupils are learning about sustainable world, renewable energy, unrenewable energy and consumption of goods such as water, electricity, paper, metals and plastics, producing less waste and more recycling.

Some of the school environmental projects made with the children are: the outdoor garden (experimentation with soil, water, plants and seeds), use of expendable materials, and recycled natural (shells, pine cones, cardboard).

Peñafort pupils from 1st to 3rd went to the School Greenhouse, prepared the soil, planted the seeds, watered the seeds, and observed the growing process. Our students from 4th to 6th the idea is that they grow their own vegetables so they learn some knowledge about growing vegetables.

The school garden is based on a series of philosophical principles that help reflect upon our learning-doing; in methodological terms, its implementation is based on ethics and on the principles of healthy life

Besides, Peñafort students have learned that spring brings us flowers and a new life, all kind of animals are born at this time. We love playing in our playground and enjoy the nice weather.

Lets´s share some moments!!!