Peñafort School is a private Institution located in San Vicente del Raspeig, 7 Km. away from Alicante. We are aware that the English Language has a great importance nowadays and it will continue in this way in the future. For this reason, we are developing, improving and increasing year by year the importance of the English Language in the different stages. So, our main objective is to keep our Innovative Method and to provide a quality education of the English Language in the different stages.

Peñafort School (Pre-school Education, Primary Education and Secondary Education) is an official Educational Center where Cambridge exams will take place. From the next academic year 2014-2015, a large number of students from our school will take the ESOL examinations in their different levels: Starters, Movers, Flyers, for Primary and pre-school students; and KET, PET and FCE for Secondary Students. Nowadays, extracurricular lessons, which are taught by English teachers, are focused on the preparation of students to pass these examinations.

The main characteristic of this program is the inclusion of these official Cambridge ESOL exams as part of the school’s curriculum, exams that will be able to do in our school centre in the course of the academic year in Alicante (San Vicente del Raspeig), without having to go to other examination centers. Peñafort School is an Institute in Alicante and in the area around Alicante; has been recognised by the Cambridge University as a partner to the prestigious programCambridge English for Schools”. This reconnaissance indicates that we are in the best position to achieve that our pupils gain a high competence and their correspondent qualification in the English language.


Besides, Peñafort Pre-school Education (ages 0-6) offers a 15 minutes English lesson every day, extra-curricular English lessons 2 days a week, English conversation during lunch and the use of English in a colloquial context. In this sense, our pupils aged 4-5 are able to express “likes and dislikes”, to use the modal verb “can”, introduce themselves, ask for something they need (specially at lunch time), ask to do some actions at class such as going to the bathroom, drinking water, closing the door…

As well as this, our school organises a wide range of activities related to English culture where students participate actively in a dynamic and pedagogical atmosphere. We expect our students to obtain a high qualification in the English language and to prepare them to pass the Cambridge examinations from the year 2014-2015.


Why do we wish the program “Cambridge English for Schools”? Because…


  • We want to take part in an innovative program developed by Cambridge University, including the collaboration and support of specialist consultants in the official exams.
  • We want to train and prepare our Cambridge examinations, increasing the probability of a good final result.
  • Our students will take the exams at Peñafort School.
  • Certifying the increase of student’s knowledge of the English language, stimulating their learning and improving their level by preparing for and taking these internationally recognised exams.


Finally, we’d like to announce that Peñafort School organizes the official exams that will take place every year at every Cambridge ESOL level: KET, PET, FCE, ACE.

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