Internacionalización Colegio Británico / Peñafort.

The Peñafort College, situado en Camí de la Sendera 142, en su séptimo año desde su creación, ha establecido lazos de hermandad con Budapest British International Academy, un colegio británico situado en Hungría. El pasado mes de mayo, el jefe de estudios, en representación del equipo docente, viajó a Budapest para visitar este centro y conocer al equipo directivo, así como su metodología y funcionamiento.

In IABP classes are held following the British national curriculum, the first language of instruction is English being the native teachers.

In addition to the English language, IABP students studying Spanish as a second language, That is why Peñafort Association between Alicante and Budapest IABP has created a friendship to promote the internationalization of students from both schools.

The IABP College offers educational community college Peñafort the chance to swim in an international environment where students will have the opportunity to improve their English, to communicate fully in this language, to live with boys and girls of different nationalities and live an enriching experience cultural and academic level.

Similarly, IABP students accompanied by their parents visit the school in October Peñafort 2016. In the same way, Peñafort también brindará esta oportunidad a los familiares de sus estudiantes. Once established the relationship between the families of both centers, Students who wish to carry out an exchange with the intention to improve the mastery of language and approach the culture of the country. They begin shortly videoconferencing between students of both centers in order to be known before the regular exchange.

At the opening of the school year 2016/17 Peñafort will be assisted IABP management team to introduce their families this new project Peñafort College and further information.

The Peñafort College looks forward to the start of the next school year to begin to collaborate with each other in this project and receive its first visitors IABP school.